Fisher Fidelis: Faithful Fishers

Hello and welcome to St John Fisher!

My name is Ms Rogers and I am one of the Assistant Headteachers here at Fisher. I am responsible for the Catholic Life of the school and I, along with our lay chaplain, Hannah, run our chaplaincy team who are called, “The Fishers”.  We get involved in lots of activities in and outside of school such as going on special retreats, visiting primary schools, running in- school events and having our own Christmas party!

We work to support  the Catholic life of the school and really live the message of The Fisher Way. Everything we do is about putting Jesus and his message at the every centre and we work as a group to help support everyone in our school, including the teachers!

What is the Fisher Way?

The Fisher Way is unique to us here at Fisher. It is what we are, who we are and what we do! The Fisher Way is our mission statement and we promise that we will aim to  “educate and inspire with joy, faith and love because we are an inclusive Catholic community.”

This means we welcome EVERYONE here at Fisher. We are so excited for you to be joining us and we want you to know that you are welcome and that you belong here. We have a saying at Fisher- “Once a Fisher, Always a Fisher” and to prove that, you will be given a small Fisher Way badge to wear on your tie. Our little gift for you to keep.

Here at Fisher, it doesn’t matter  what primary you came from, it doesn’t matter if tons of you came from the same primary or if you are the only one from your primary,  it doesn’t matter what you enjoy doing, what you are good at and what you want to be when you leave school.  We are all Fishers and our Fisher Way promises you that we will always treat you with love, joy and faith !

But what is love, joy and faith?

What do these words mean to you today?  We bet they will be the same as what we mean here at Fisher!

When we talk about “love” it means that we will see you all as individuals, all made unique and in the image of God, all worthy of respect, love and care.  This doesn’t always mean hugs and cuddles, loving someone can be helping them to improve and steering them back on track when needed! Have you heard of the term “tough love”? We wanrt the very best for you…. because … we love you!

When we talk about joy it means that we will celebrate with you your successes and support you in tougher times.  But it also means that we will work with you and your families to help you to find that joy and happiness comes from following Jesus. That is why one of our first events is our Year 7 Welcome Mass.

When we talk about faith it means that we believe in you and we know how special and talented you are. We will do everything we can to support you and your families for you to be the person that God calls you to be and to achieve everything you hope for.

So, all that is left to say is…. “See you soon”