We are sure that you have a number of questions about life is like in Secondary School. We asked our Expert Year 7s about how they would answer your most common questions. Here are some of their answers:

What happens if I get lost?

There are teachers and students everywhere, don’t be afraid to ask, they will be happy to direct you. Getting lost was a big worry for me, but after the first fortnight, I could easily find my way around. – Alexandra

What is it like starting Year 7?

Scary but after 1 or 2 days you will know where your going and what’s happening around you. – Tayah

Starting year 7 can be weird and nerve wrecking. There is nothing to worry about – everyone is always very kind and will help you. If you need anything you can talk to the pastoral leader or the head of year. You will make new friends very fast as well. Its not as scary as it may seem. – Amelia

Quite nerve racking but overall exciting – Henry

What happens at break and lunch?

You will go to the dinner hall and if you have brought your own food you can eat that. If you want to buy any food you will go up to the canteen and pick the thing you want and you will pay with the money your parents will put in your parent pay account for you to use for food and drink. – Erin

Well you can bring in your own lunch and snack or you can go to the canteen and get some of the variety of the schools lovely food. Then you can meet your friends in the hall and sit together. Then once the outside doors are open you can go outside. – Maddison

What are the teachers like?

One word………… amazing! – Nemeih

The teachers are great and funny they always push you to be the best you. – Sivadutt

Some teachers are sweet and some are strict, but that’s nothing to worry about as they are only there to teach you and to support you! – Henry

All of the teachers are really nice and friendly, and when your first start SJF they will be extremely supportive and will make you feel welcome to our school. – Samantha

What happens if I forget my homework?

During the first few days or weeks, the teachers will most likely not be mad about it. They will understand since they know you are just starting and it can be stressful with homework. But once you start to settle in more, they will begin expect you to hand in homework at the appropriate time. If you forget it multiple times, you may get a behaviour point. If you need help remembering your homework, maybe make reminders in your planner. – Sharlene

Tell your form tutor and they will email your teacher or if you realise in lesson go up to your teachers and apologise and they will probably understand as it will be hard to get a hold of all these new changes – Erin

What do you do in form time?

Form time is really fun. It is a time where you can talk to your friends and other members of the classroom. You learn new things like gospels and readings from the bible. Also the teacher will ask if you have any concerns and you can talk to him/her about them 🙂 – Freya

In form time, you will meet your new classmates and form teacher. Usually during form, we have different activities for different days e.g on Tuesday we do ‘drop everything and read’. Form is a good way to get used to your class and settle in. It’s also a great opportunity to make new friends, communicate and get your brain working for the day. – Sharlene

Form is important because it starts of the day and your form teacher is there at the start of the day to answer any questions.  Hope this helped and don’t worry about coming to high school you well get used to it soon 🙂 – Maddison

Top Tips for starting Year 7 are…

Be the best version of yourself

Remember the staff are there to help you so if you need anything just ask them

If you are a little nervous about starting on the first day, remember that you are most likely to be put in the same form as someone from your primary school. As you get used to high school, you will start to socialise more and settle in. – Sharlene

Try your hardest, Try your best and be yourself – Maddison

Branch out and make new friends; even if you already are coming to school with friends from primary school, high school is a great opportunity to meet new people. If you are worried or anxious, you pastoral leader can help you, that is what they are there for. – Alexandra

To not stress out about starting school, it’s not as bad as you expect, It’s and amazing school and I’m sure you’ll have so much fun here. Make sure that you bring in all of your homework on time, I try and do homework the day it’s set therefore I won’t have to worry about anything. But when you first go to school you won’t get much homework. – Samantha

Stay Confident, be yourself around others, be kind and nice to everybody around you – Ronnie