Vision of St John Fisher Catholic College

As part of Christ the King Catholic Collegiate Multi Academy Company, St John Fisher Catholic College aims to:

  • Allow all to be active in developing their personal, spiritual and moral character. This is the key priority in our Catholic community. Part of this is to endeavour to love the importance of and development of the individual, ensuring safeguarding is a key priority in our school community. We seek for our community to be faith-filled in recognising the dignity of the person, through appropriate words and actions, in all interactions, and to show compassion towards the most vulnerable and needy in our community. We also aim to create opportunities for learners and staff to participate in active worship, so that their faith is deepened, explored and strengthened.
  • Foster in each individual a hopeful disposition towards self and others, and an appreciation for the work of community members in supporting each other and the aims of the school. More specifically, we aim to encourage a sense of self-worth and self-discipline in all, so that all speak eloquently of their own and each other’s value in a truthful and grateful
  • Nurture a culture of achievement and academic growth. We work to support our learners in displaying a curious and wise approach to all endeavours, ensuring that wisdom is employed on the part of both staff and learners in seeking excellence in all aspects of academic life.
  • Help all of our community be attentive to the needs of the world in which we live, and foster an awareness of our responsibilities towards others in our local, national and global community. Through this, we endeavour to nurture active, generous citizens who can develop their person, with love at the centre of all intentions. We strive for our community to be a community of love, of following the Way of the Gospel message, and following the ways of the Catholic Church.
  • Prepare our learners for their life beyond St John Fisher Catholic College, enabling them to discern their vocation in life and offering relevant support accordingly. We also aim to develop within our learners a prophetic approach to further education and employment through realising their potential in the present.

Values of St John Fisher Catholic College

In order to satisfy the vision of the school, we will endeavour to:

  • Annually revisit the Catholic ethos of our school in all aspects of the school life. This will be undertaken through a range of strategies. Primary to this is a school mission at the end of each academic year. This will support the development of our faith-filled community.
  • Create opportunities for learners and staff to generously participate in charity work, mindful of and attentive to the immediate and long-term needs of both our community and the community around us.
  • Encourage a variety of teaching and learning styles that gives learners more responsibility for their own learning, and gives teachers the opportunity to take risks in learning opportunities. Part of this requires all teachers to approach lessons with enthusiasm and love of their subject area. Within this, we will encourage our teachers and class support staff to develop a culture of openness and opportunity for all, across subject and role boundaries, to allow our school to become an area for educational research and development.
  • Embed a culture of achievement and academic growth that enthuses the whole community; where everyone wants to learn and grow, and successes are celebrated at every opportunity across the school. This will involve increased recognition and praise for the work of learners and staff across all levels in the school. We also will strive to establish a positive learning environment that is stimulating for all, enjoyable and a happy place to work in, and promotes equality of opportunity for all. An integral part of this is to develop strong, respectful communication systems between all levels of staff, learners and stakeholders to encourage teamwork and consistency of policy delivery.
  • Prioritise staff wellbeing and development. This will involve being committed to always refining and improving school systems to ensure best practice and aspiring for excellence, while maintaining a focus on staff wellbeing and development. Central to this is embracing a compassionate and loving attitude in promoting the wellbeing of staff. This will be evident in the employee offer.
  • Deliver a broad and balanced curriculum structure that emphasises continuity and opportunities for accelerated learning according to ability and potential as well as lifelong learning opportunities. Within this, we will seek to actively provide a wide range of learning experiences for all learners to stimulate interest in subject areas and in their school life and to explain the relevance of education in everyday life.
  • Offer opportunities for our learners to be involved in the ethos and running of our school. This will include developing learner councils. We will also draw upon and develop wider community links with our partner MAC schools, our partner Trinity schools, local Catholic parishes, and other schools and parishes, as well as our neighbours.