English Faculty
Miss Ravenscroft SRavenscroft@ctkcc.co.uk Faculty Lead – English
Mr L Hawthorne LHawthorne@CTKCC.co.uk Faculty Second – English
Miss Heath NHeath@CTKCC.co.uk Teacher of English
Miss V Ellis VEllis@ctkcc.co.uk Teacher of English
Miss Wilcox LWilcox@CTKCC.co.uk Teacher of English
Mr Underwood LUnderwood@CTKCC.co.uk Teacher of English
Mrs Coulson ACoulson@ctkcc.co.uk Teacher of English & Progress Leader Yr 11
Ms Matthews EMatthews@ctkcc.co.uk Teacher of English & Progress Leader Yr 13
Miss Bangs NBangs@ctkcc.co.uk Teacher of Performing Arts
Humanities Faculty
Mr Lemmon PLemmon@ctkcc.co.uk Faculty Lead – Humanities
Mr Thomas SThomas@CTKCC.co.uk Faculty Second – Humanities
Miss Duffy SDuffy@CTKCC.co.uk Teacher of Humanities
Miss Webb KWebb@ctkcc.co.uk Teacher and Co-ordinator of Citizenship and CEG
Miss Wright RWright@ctkcc.co.uk Teacher of Geography
Mr Goodstadt PGoodstadt@ctkcc.co.uk Teacher of Humanities & Progress Leader Yr 10
Ms Stuart HStuart@ctkcc.co.uk Teacher of History
Maths Faculty
Mr Bailey DBailey@CTKCC.co.uk Faculty Lead – Maths
Mrs Hawthorne CHawthorne2@CTKCC.co.uk Faculty Second – Maths
Miss Amoah EAmoah@CTKCC.co.uk Teacher of Maths
Mrs Price EPrice@CTKCC.co.uk Teacher of Maths
Mr Lowndes TLowndes@CTKCC.co.uk Teacher of Maths
Mr Naeem FNaeem@CTKCC.co.uk Teacher of Maths
Mrs Bantick SBantick@ctkcc.co.uk Teacher of Maths
Mrs Beech SBeech@ctkcc.co.uk Teacher of Maths
Mrs Cooper ZCooper@CTKCC.co.uk Teacher of Maths
Mrs Kinrade HKinrade@ctkcc.co.uk Teacher of Maths
Mrs Murray AMurray@ctkcc.co.uk Teacher of Maths
MFL Faculty
Mrs Higgins AHiggins@ctkcc.co.uk Faculty Lead – MFL
Mr Schauer RSchauer@ctkcc.co.uk Faculty Second – MFL
Mrs Ellis MEllis@ctkcc.co.uk Teacher of French
Mrs Giles HGiles@CTKCC.co.uk Teacher of MFL
Mrs Redmond SRedmond@ctkcc.co.uk Teacher of MFL
Performance Faculty
Mrs Golds JGolds@ctkcc.co.uk Faculty Lead – Performance
Mr Hall LHall@ctkcc.co.uk Faculty Second – Performance
Miss Jones RJones@CTKCC.co.uk Teacher of Performing Arts
Miss Lockett MLockett@ctkcc.co.uk Teacher of PE & Progress Leader Yr 9
Mr Hayes DHayes@ctkcc.co.uk Teacher of PE
Mrs Fisher HFisher@ctkcc.co.uk Teacher of PE
Mrs Lewis ELewis@ctkcc.co.uk Teacher of PE
RE Faculty
Mrs Willis CWillis@ctkcc.co.uk Faculty Lead – RE
Mrs Varley RVarley@ctkcc.co.uk Faculty Second – RE
Mrs Tyler JTyler@ctkcc.co.uk Teacher of RE
Mrs Weatherby SWeatherby@CTKCC.co.uk Teacher of RE
Mrs Rundle LRundle@ctkcc.co.uk Teacher of RE & Progress Lead Yr 7
Miss Smith HSmith2@CTKCC.co.uk Lay Chaplain & Teacher of RE
Science Faculty
Mr Melling MMelling@ctkcc.co.uk Director of Learning – Science
Mrs Clarke FClarke@CTKCC.co.uk Faculty Second – Science Curriculum
Mrs Ayre ZAyre@ctkcc.co.uk Faculty Second – Science
Mrs Hebden SHebden@ctkcc.co.uk KS5 Progress Lead – Head of Sixth Form
Miss Gill EGill@ctkcc.co.uk Teacher of Science
Miss Oakden POakden@CTKCC.co.uk Teacher of Science
Mr Brown HBrown@CTKCC.co.uk Teacher of Science
Mrs Brabbs LBrabbs@ctkcc.co.uk Teacher of Science
Mrs K Ellis KEllis@CTKCC.co.uk Teacher of Science
Mrs Threadgold RThreadgold@CTKCC.co.uk Teacher of Science
Technology Faculty
Mr Milan RMilan@ctkcc.co.uk Faculty Lead – Technology
Miss Carr ACarr@ctkcc.co.uk Curriculum Leader of Art
Mr Billard BBillard@CTKCC.co.uk Teacher of Computing/ICT
Mr Farrall AFarrall@ctkcc.co.uk Teacher – D&T
Mr Walker RWalker@ctkcc.co.uk Teacher of Computing/ICT
Mrs Abbott HAbbott@ctkcc.co.uk Teacher – D&T
Mrs Rundu LRundu@CTKCC.co.uk Teacher of Computing/ICT
Ms Dyde CDyde@ctkcc.co.uk Teacher of IT