Curriculum Introduction

Our Curriculum Aims

To create:

  • Successful and resilient learners who aspire to and achieve excellence
  • Confident individuals who can explore and communicate effectively
  • Responsible citizens who are active, loving and wise in all their endeavours

Our Curriculum Objectives

To develop a curriculum, with the aspirations, interests and success of the student at the centre, which:

  • Encourages creative and flexible approaches to learning and teaching
  • Offers an innovative, rigorous and holistic Catholic curriculum, both in and beyond the classroom
  • Nurtures close partnerships with local, national and international organisations, giving students a wide range of opportunities to experience the world of work

At St John Fisher Catholic College, we are consistently reviewing our curriculum to ensure that it is suited to the needs of our learners and will enable them to flourish in the ever changing modern world in which we live. We run a two year Key Stage 3 curriculum where learners experience a broad and balanced range of subjects. During Years 7 and 8 learners will build up essential knowledge and develop the necessary skills to progress onto GCSE and equivalent qualifications in these areas during Key Stage 4.

At the end of Year 8 learners go through the Options process and can choose four subjects that they wish to continue studying to GCSE (or equivalent) during Years 9 to 11. We are proud of the fact that year on year we are expanding our curriculum choice, offering students a diverse range of subjects and qualification types from which to choose. We are also proud of the fact that we have subject specialists in all areas offering these courses. In Year 9, learners study the core curriculum in addition to the four subjects chosen through the Options process. Additional information for subject areas can be found on our website in the Curriculum Overview and Options pages.

[typo_toggle title=”Key Stage Three Curriculum”]

Subject Number of periods per fortnight (from a 50 period fortnight) % of KS3 time
Year 7 Year 8
English 6 6 12
Maths 7 7 14
Science 6 6 12
Religious Education 6 4 10
Art 2 2 4
Citizenship and Careers 1 1 2
Technology 4 3 7
Drama 1 1 2
French 3 3 6
Geography 3 3 6
German / Spanish 4 4
History 3 3 6
Computer Science and IT 2 2 4
Music 2 2 4
PE (incl Dance) 4 3 7


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* Subjects are core and will be studied by all students

Number of periods per fortnight % of KS4 time
Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
*English 7 8 8 15.33
*Maths 8 7 7 14.67
*Science 9 9 9 18
*Religious Education 5 5 5 10
*IT (non award – covering core skills) 0 0 1 0.67
*Careers (non award – supporting Work Skills and Experience) 0 1 0 0.67
*PSHCE (non award) 1 1 1 2
*PE (non award) 4 3 3 6.67
Students will choose to study three of the following subjects
Options Subjects from:


Art (GCSE)

Astrononmy (GCSE)

Business Studies (GCSE)

Child Development (BTEC)

Citizenship (GCSE)

Computing (GCSE)

Drama (GCSE

French (GCSE)

Geography (GCSE)

German (GCSE)

Health and Social Care (GCSE)

History (GCSE)

Hospitality and Catering (Eduqas)

IT: Creative iMedia (OCR Cambridge National)

Music (GCSE)


Performing Arts: Dance (BTEC)

Product Design (GCSE)

Spanish (GCSE)

Sports (OCR Cambridge National)

Travel and Tourism (BTEC)

Vocational Studies (NOCN L1/L2)

4 4 4  





(for each subject)