Enquiries about Results (EAR) Procedure
Externally Marked Examinations
St John Fisher Catholic College

The Examination Boards offer various post results services which allow access to photocopies of scripts, the return of original scripts, clerical checks and review of marking.

All services must be accessed through the school’s Examinations Officer, and generally these services are payable by students/parents.

Photocopies of scripts may be requested to help make a decision as to whether to pursue an enquiry or review. Some awarding bodies do not offer this service for all levels of entry, and therefore the Examinations Officer should be contacted for advice. Otherwise original or photocopied scripts may be requested by the school to assist with teaching and learning; however, this must be done with the student’s permission by signing a copy of the JCQ Access to Scripts form which gives the candidate’s consent for access to and use of examination scripts.

The school will make an enquiry about a result when requested by a student. The student will be required to complete and sign a Request for Enquiry about Results form which is available from the Examinations Officer. The student must be aware that an enquiry may result in subject grades being confirmed, raised or lowered. It is important to remember that unless the total marks indicate that the next grade up was narrowly missed, it may not be advisable to proceed with an enquiry; therefore students should always seek advice from their subject teacher or the subject leader. All enquiries carry fees which are payable by parents/carers. Most EAR’s will be payable by ParentPay, however, priority GCE review (in August) may be paid for by cash/cheque. No request will be actioned until the appropriate fee has been received. Details of the fees for these services are available from the Examinations Officer. If a grade change occurs as a result of an EAR, the fee will be refunded.

In rare cases, a subject leader may decide to request a number of scripts from awarding bodies, using the EAR service, if they believe there have been genuine marking errors or unreasonable marking. In this case, the student/parent will not be responsible for the funding the review, but the student is required to sign the JCQ Enquiries about Results and Appeals form which explains what may happen following an enquiry about a result and any subsequent appeal.

The deadline to request EAR’s will be communicated to students each year in advance of results days on our website.

Students will be notified of any outcome following an EAR. Information about enquiries is issued by the Joint Council for Qualifications and is available on their website.