The process of making these choices can be an exciting one, with learners choosing from a wide range of subjects, building on what they have learnt in the first two years her at SJF and take into their final year of Key Stage 3. Whilst exciting, the process can, at times be daunting and at St John Fisher we aim to make this process as accessible and stress free as possible. The information contained on this web page particularly within the booklet below along with the Choices Evening, Parents Evenings, and reports will ensure that the decisions made over the next couple of weeks are the best ones for your child and will help them progress onto future careers and training of their choice.

Year 8 Choices Guidance 2022

Your child will be emailed an invite code to SIMS Options Online via their school email address. Use the advice below to access the system. If for any reason you are unable to access the system, please collect a paper copy of the form from your form tutor within school and return it to them directly.

Year 8 Choices – Using SIMS Options Online

The deadline for the completed form is Friday 13th May.