Result Days

A-Level Results Day – 10th August 2021. School will be open from 8:30AM until 11:30AM for students to collect their results | GCSE Results Day – 12th August 2021. The following time slots MUST be adhered to. You will not be allowed in if you come outside of your forms designated time slot…..

Fishers Work

We have fantastic teachers, support, cleaning, catering, maintenance and admin staff. Each person in our school do their bit for the Catholic life of our school here at St John Fisher … it isn’t all down to us Fishers and learners!


‘Is this OK’ is a site where young people aged 13-18 can seek answers and advice from professionals. If you are worried about something or about someone you know, you can find answers

National Numeracy Day

National Numeracy Day is for Students, Parents and Teachers. If you don’t feel confident with some areas of maths get yourself logged in, there are some great things on for adults as well as children.