Assistant Headteacher - Catholic Life

CAFOD Lent Campaign

I am writing to let you know about our Lenten March fundraising event. On the week beginning Monday 14th March, every learner at St John Fisher Catholic College will be walking in solidarity with the poor as they take part in the CAFOD Lent Campaign of “Walk for Hunger.”

For parents about your child

Our Y11 ethos leaders would like to share an important message to all parents, carers and wider family members who might be concerned about their Y11 children currently taking mocks. If you feel that things are “getting on top” of them have a look at this important information.

Fishers Work

We have fantastic teachers, support, cleaning, catering, maintenance and admin staff. Each person in our school do their bit for the Catholic life of our school here at St John Fisher … it isn’t all down to us Fishers and learners!